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Dernière mise à jour : 27 août 2020

Tinker and Ad's farm is a 1,5 ha farm located close to Fish Creek, right at the gate of the beautiful Wilson Promontory National Park. It is a hobby farm in the sense that it is not a farm that produces to sell outside but rather for the purpose of self-consumption. Usually, there would also be steers and lambs as well as ducks as there is enough pasture for them. When we came, there were chickens and pigs. Tinker and Ad make their own salami and chicken broth as well as many by-products of producing meat themselves in order to use as completely as possible the animal. There is also a well-sized vegetable garden and a small green house for producing the seedlings as well well as several fruit trees. They have also a fairly big house and welcome the woofers to stay either in a bedroom in the house or in a bedroom close to the main shed. Inside the house, they have a nice big cellar with a lot of home-made preserves – particularly good one we had the chance to taste was the fejoas preserve – and bulk food storage. Ad also produces his own beer. As woofers there, we did some gate fixing, some improvement to the pig's water through, some beer, some planting and cooked a bit as well. Ad and Tinker are really easy-going and we had a good time there and particularly nice discussions as well.


Find them on the Wwoof Australia website if you'd like to visit them!


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