Regroupement de Lachine et le GRAME - Québec - Canada - En

This former supermarket is a symbol of what a community can accomplish in a neighbourhood thanks to organizations dedicated to improving the lives of the city dwellers.

This building is entirely renovated in order to be more compatible with the environment and has notably been equipped with geothermal infrastructure and a vegetalised roof, of which a part has become a veggie garden around which social activities are animated, notably by Mylène. Find HERE (soon – FR only, use google translate) a portrait this social gardener.

In this building, one finds various organizations supporting the Lachine neighbourhood and its inhabitants such as employment support, social networks but also services to support businesses and environmental consulting. There is notably the GRAME, an organization that has supported the application of the new environmental standards of this building. The GRAME aims at offering realistic solutions to environmental problems both through communication actions but also as in the case of this building through concrete actions.


Mylène's Portrait FémininBio HERE

Website du GRAME

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