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Dernière mise à jour : 27 juil. 2020

Permaculture Aquaculture Community Education

The name of the place also states its objectives. Eddy, former design and project engineer, left the hectic life of the city to dedicate himself to finding solutions that provide a more sustainable way of living. He wants to apply efficient engineering conceptual principles to design solutions to clean and save the world. Of course, with such an aim, permaculture appears like a perfect fit as it is precisely a nature inspired design concept.

The place, when we visit it, focuses on putting people and children in particular in touch with nature. Ducks and chickens lay eggs and roam freely in the area or are placed within mobile cages that are then set up under the fruits trees of the neighbouring orchard (Verger du Bord du Lac) in order to benefit from the soil life and tree shade while helping out the fruit trees to fight off pests. Sheeps and goats are also on the property and we have the chance to see Eddy milk one of the goats by hand, finding back that connection with life and animals that we are so far from when picking up a bottle of industrial pasteurized milk on the shelf of an anonymous supermarket.  


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