Philippe - From music to vegetable growing, from building work to edible flowers

Shoots & Greens, Huntstile Organic Farm, UK

We meet Philippe while strolling around Huntstile Organic Farm after finishing up a very nice breakfast. We, of course, end up in the vegetable garden. Several beds are occupied by diverse vegetables and edible flowers, others to the edge of the cultivated area are full of soft fruit trees bearing loads of fruits at the moment.

We engage conversation around vegetables of course and as a basic element for life we end up speaking about his life and how he came about to this beautiful place.

Philippe is 38 and made a lot of things before finding his way. In the music field to the building trade, a hand problem forces him to rethink his professional path. He is good at cooking and loves to mix eastern tastes with western cooking styles and thinks about creating a food truck. To do this right, he needs the proper hot sauce which requires proper pepper. This pepper he cannot find. Alright, he'll just grow it then! And so he starts in some tunnels, soon he adds miniature greens.

About a year ago, he moves on and arrives at Huntstile Organic Farm where he can combine his taste and skills for cooking with his grower's trade. He starts "Shoots & Greens" selling organic edible flowers and flower seeds. He uses living soil techniques without turning over the soil and mulches to cover it. He experimentes with plant solutions to care for the plant.

His main edible flowers are: souci, calendula, pensée, primeroses, bourrache, comfrey, courgette, sage, cornflower, amaranthe and basil in 2 polytunnels and over 2 acres of land with an additional 10 acres cultivated as a wild flower meadow.



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Huntstile Organic Farm - Somerset - UK

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