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IncrEdible Gardens, Australia

We meet Peter Brandis during the preparation of the weekly farmer's amrket at Kirsty's in Terrewah farm. He introduces himself with a large smile. He organizes movie nights in the village where he shows movies committed to ecology or about saving the planet.

He tried several different methods to produce vegetables. It is interesting to meet someone who tried different growing styles and techniques. We visit his place and we are in for a very interesting time!

Peter left his urban life for the green Kangaroo Valley. After having worked in finance, he left in search for more meaning, he worked in an NGO which he also leaves after 20 years, fed up with all the politics, always present even in such an environment. He realizes his dream of having his own garden, producing his own food and see with his own two eyes the fruit of his labour, by setting up on a 5 acres land of which he cultivates half an acre.

Searching for efficiency, a taste from his professional past, and naturally curious, he tries several gardenning techniques, some from permaculture, double-digging by John Jeavons, bio-intensive until no dig from Charles Downing and inspires himself from various farms such as Singing Frog Farm or Ridgedale Permaculture Farm.

He als makes a range of different Kombucha and preserves, experimenting various diets in search for a combination of good personal health and health for the planet.

Always looking for innovative ideas, he keeps from these what works for him and his garden. Open to others, he regularly organizes visits of his garden, trainings collecting all he learned himself and movie nights to start discussions and increase environmental awareness.


Facebook: @incrediblegardensystems


IncrEdible Gardens

Videos made on-site:

Perenial garden

Agroforestry garden for chickens

Soil Fertility

Natural fertiliser and garden pathways

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