Peng's Aquaponics - Victoria - Australia - En

  • Started 8 years ago

  • Built his own greenhouse, veggie beds using small gravels to increase the surface area for the bacterias to inhabit and perform all the exchanges with the nutriments in the water and the plants root system

  • fresh water fish are used: an aussie native perch and eels 

  • he advises 25kg of fish per water m3 and for each 1m3 of water, 5m3 of filtering material (giving an idea of the veggie beds dimensions which are 300mm deep)

  • the temperature is maintained above 18 degrees year round to ensure the bacterias continue to work. if the temperature drops, bacterias become dormant and the water quickly becomes toxic for the fishes.


Facebook: @Peng's Aquaponics

Youtube: Citizen Peng Aquaponics


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