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OUR ecovillage is a community located on Vancouver Island. It celebrated this year 2019 its 20th anniversary. Its mission is to educate, inspire and transform by co-creating a thriving learning community and permaculture demonstration site.

It is an intentional community and a beautiful place to see naturally built buildings. This 25 acres village include 9 acres of farming. There are animals, chicken, pigs and a few sheeps as well as a nicely sized veggie garden that feeds both the community and a small CSA veggie box program within a 1-2 acres intensively cultivated garden.

A particular feature of this community is that they strongly focused on developing the commons before the living quarters of everyone. Building as well the « invisible structures » such as a common culture, a legal structure and a model for the village. The work done by OUR ecovillage to make all of their building features legal was enormous and required changing the legislation, making the proof of the safety and soundness of these features such as the water treatment system, the rainwater harvest, the composting toilets, the natural building techniques. It was a long and continuous conversation with scientists, building experts and engineers as well as with the administration. This means that now in BC, a lot of these features may be authorized and so it makes those available for everyone living there.

Now the ecovillage is in a phase of building little naturally built houses for its permanent members. There are about 20 to 50 people at any time in the village. There are 5 heart keepers who are the permanent people part of this community. There have been about 10 000 human connections, interactions, visitors and volunteers.

We stayed in the healing sanctuary which is on the south side made out of cob and of strawbales on the north side for insulation. The floors are earthen. There is tadelakt, an olive oil polished plaster, in the bathroom. This building was built in 3-5 years.

We spent two days there, sleeping in the graceful strawbale healing sanctuary. The space is shrouded in serenity and bathing in natural light with delicately warmed floors and round shapes everywhere that are inviting you to seat down, look out the window and spend your day with a nice cup of tea meditating and letting your mind calm down.



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