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Las Chullpas is more than an ecolodge, it is a sanctuary taking a holistic approach to achieve a healthy mind in a healthy body. We discovered Las Chullpas through Nancy, the caretaker of this place, a fascinating woman with a seemingly endless knowledge about medicinal plants. Find an article about this amazing person here (FR only).

Las Chullpas consists of a huge garden, filled with medicinal and edible plants, that surrounds the accommodations, main building which hosts the restaurant and the yoga pavilion. The garden is of course organically grown and most of what is grown there ends up in the kitchen. The aim is to provide as much food as possible out of the garden but complete self-sufficiency is not yet achieved.  

The accommodations are amazing to visit and definitely worth a stay. Made out mainly of the local stones and cob, each of the 10+ rooms are a piece of art on their own as the walls are carved with beautiful features and the cob provides a natural and organic feel to the whole area. Each room is therefore of course unique.  

The yoga center is a huge wooden structure which provides a panoramic view over the surrounding forest and the accommodations to enjoy while practicing meditation or yoga.

The restaurant building is also built out of stones and cob and provide a wide area to receive people for various meals. The kitchen is half outdoor.

Water comes from the mountain torrents as the ecolodge is nestled at the foot of a big hill and in the middle of a eucalyptus forest. Following a track up brings up to Las Chullpas, Inca ruins, which gave the ecolodge the name.

Energy is scarcely used, mainly only for lighting as the kitchen runs on gas mainly and for the washing machine. The electricity comes from some solar panels but the ecolodge is also connected to the electrical network.

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Videos made on-site about medicinal plants to follow soon

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