La Harilais - Bretagne - France - En

It was for a woofing, volontary farm work in exchange for food and boarding, that I met Catherine Sanz, the master of the place. A calm, sweet and green environment not far from Fougères and the Mont Saint-Michel.

La Harilais, is a farm with its sheeps and its chickens that joyfully wander at one end in the middle of the nettles, it is wild areas left for biodiversity preservation where winter wrens, foxes and rabbits run after each other in from of Catherine's little hidden camera, it is friendly donkeys that take it upon themselves to maw a part of this big garden, it is numerous fruit trees, vairous small soft fruits and a huge vegetable garden with a small greenhouse all in permaculture, bits of it lent generously by Catherine to people who want to try their hands at it, it is also a rural camping with all the necessities, a big and old farm, partially furnished in water by the rain. It is finally and mostly Catherine and her good mood, her delicious jams sold on Fougeres farmers market, her bread oven with its monthly day where everyone is invited, her care of this little world which includes human beings as much as the land and the animals that populate it.


Website: Facebook: Petit Camping à la Ferme, Bretagne près du Mont Saint Michel : La Harilais

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