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We spend a nice day at the Ferme des Petits Oignons, a beautiful day surrounded by great and welcoming people.

The Ferme des Petits Oignons is an organic farm produce veggetables on 6 hectares. This choice of a big cultivated surface implies a big team of about 16 people in addition to ponctual volunteers during our visit there, as well as mechanization with 3 tractors on the farm (big according a small farm market gardening criteria but rather medium to small compared to tractors used for cereals)

The crop system is very different than that of the Ferme des Quatre Temps where we had just finished our volunteering so it is was particularly interesting to discover another way to do diversified market gardening.

It is a real change of scale as there is two times more surface. The discipline and organization that apply are common points. The space between the non permanent beds is bigger to let the wheels through and they are also much longer.

Green manure crops occupy a large important place within rotations, especially when we are there (in september) and are applied in a mix of a legume, a raygrass and clover to create a cover for the soil in the absence of cultivated crops and to fertilize the beds.

There are also cold tunnels and greenhouse. Mushrooms are also cultivated at the feet of tomatoes in the greenhouses. There are four cold chambers.

About 65 different vegetables are cultivated on this farm which exists for more than 10 years.

Near to 1200 equivalent veggie boxes are produced each week of which actual 600 veggie boxes for the subscribers that are supporting the farm and the equivalent of the other 600 are sold at the Val-David market, their organic shop and their farmer’s market-bistrot place.


Website: https://auxpetitsoignons.bio/

Facebook: @fermeauxpetitsoignons

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