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During our stay in the Valle Sagrada we hear about an organic agriculture station in the next valley, in the jungle at Huyro. We grab a few buses and a taxi to reach the place. The weather is much more tropical, hot and humid, compared to the Valle Sagrada at our time of visit.

The estacion biologica offers basic accommodations for people interested in spending some time in the jungle countryside. It also offers accommodation and work for volunteers such as in the woofing scheme for example.

Its main aim is to be a demonstration platform for organic agriculture. It holds regularly workshops for local farmers. Americo who takes care of the place explains that nowadays in Peru, there is about 40% of the population working in agriculture and that conventional agriculture represents already 50% of the agriculture which in his eyes is way too much since it is continuously progressing with the development rate of the country. In our eyes, 10% or 15% of organic agriculture is an enormous progress but of course that is notwithstanding the fact that the “modern” countries have been through this phase already of “losing” all organic agriculture to the advantage of the “conventional” “modern” agriculture and are now coming back to a more sensible approach.

The place itself is about 13 ha in total, 1 ha in coffee, 1 ha in vegetables, 3ha of forest and has been set up 15 years ago. Next door there is a place dedicated to using solar and hydraulic powers to produce energy or transform produces. The devices are not in usage when we visit them but we get to see a simple hydraulic turbine set up over a small torrent, a huge dehydrator and a solar oven.


Videos made on-site with Americo about ginger coming soon

La visite par l'atelier low tech en vidéo (FR only)

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