Eigensinn Farm - Ontario - Canada - En

« One’s own mind » farm in German. This farm was a truly unexpected and original gem of our journey across Canada. We came to this farm after exchanging with the owners, Michael and Nobuyo, and expecting to stay just a few hours to discover how a farm-restaurant works.

We stayed for dinner and over the night and through breakfast the next day and discover way more than a farm-restaurant concept.

Michael Stadtlander is reknowned and well-recognized chef in Canada. Born and raised in Germany, he apprenticed in Germany learning about cooking. When his friend Jaimie Kennedy went back to Canada, he realized his childhood dream to go and live there and became co-chef with his friend at a soon-after-acclaimed restaurant in Toronto.

Michael is a very creative and artistic person and it transfers into his cooking and all his enterprises. He took this very odd decision to leave the city and his successful career as a chef and followed his own mind to create farm that would also be a center to express his culinary art.

Eigensinn Farm is a 100 acres farm which spans mostly forest land and some fields. Several patches of veggie gardens are around the house and areas are dedicated to animals such as pigs, chickens and ducks. The food served during the 3 evenings per week that the table is open or during culinary events is mainly from the farm (including delicious homemade smoked ham for example or delicious bread loaves) or sourced locally (such as sea food for example).

The culinary events he organizes are always an amazing blend of arts and creative cuisine. For example, one event went throughout the 100 acres farm spread out in various cooking stations which each had a theme for both the surrounding art and the cooking. The guests went through the nature, enjoying each meal made at each station, essentially going on a culinary journey.



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