Backyard Jem and GoodBugs - Waikato - New-Zealand - En

We meet Shannon on Jodi Roebuck farm (find HERE the article on his farm) and all week we enjoy delicious produce she brought, nicely spiced fermented cabbage jars. We quickly discover that Shannon is a lady of many skills. She created with two of her friends a business selling fermented cabbage and other veggies called Goodbugs. The cabbage is fermented in salt, so-called « sauerkraut », and is full of probiotics which are benefitial for your health. Find HERE the article on this venture as well as the portrait of a fascinating and strong woman. She also has her own market garden over 950sqm in field and 600sqm in a green house which is named « Backyard Jem ». Applying the typical market gardening methods (see intro HERE), this one is rationnally organised, worked with hand tools and protected with tarp or nets according to the needs. Trained in permaculture, she also planted for her family and herself a food forest with several levels and on which she is working to improve and increase the biodiversity of the available species, notably w.r.t. the plants in the lower level which is accessible to the 80 egg-laying chickens providing eggs to the farm and its customers. The farm is about 5 acres and constitued of quite diverse terrain. There is a house cow which provides milk for the family and pastures a part of it and another area which when closed off could welcome some pigs. To sell the produce, there is a farm shop but her produces are also available in some organic shops as well as two markets of the area and several cafes. A small yet complete farm aiming at family self-sufficiency with good healthy produce as well as economic viability with the Backyard Jem market garden and the Goodbugs products.


Portrait on French online magazine FemininBio HERE








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