Lucie trains herself since 2003, first with bioclimatic ecological building then quickly over to permaculture which becomes her passion. She undertakers numerous trainings about agroecology, permaculture, shared gardens, organic market gardening, urban survival with David Manise as well as Tribu 2.0 with Pablo Servigne and a certified permaculture course tracing back to Geoff Lawton. In 2008, she starts moderating the Olduvaï forum, a mine of practical information and risk anticipation tools. She practices through wwoofing and experiencing self-sufficiency and permaculture in her daily life since 2011. Today she gives workshop-conferences to learn and anticipate various collapse scenarios, short and mid-long term, and initiate people to permaculture. Please check out her various training offers on her website.

She kindly accepted that we pick inside the resources that she shares on her website. Therefore to tahnk her for her enormous research work that she makes available to all, we would like to integrate her into the list of our contributors.




Made aware at a young age about the environmental issues, I discover Sustainable Development by reading about it in the press and through associated books during high school. This is when I find my own way and think "That's it, there is an important challenge to take on.".

5 years later and with a Renewable energy sciences master, I find my first job in eco-construction.

8 years later and after learning about environmental certifications and norms, wellness, energy and management, I decide to travel the globe and discover more new green initiatives. Ongoing project. The awareness of the population to ecology is one of the key possibility to blossom.




Engineer by training, Ariane leaves her career in the industry and following a radical change in her life, more in tune with her own values, she turns to organic farming




Photographer and video-maker, movie director by education and for several projects, Thomas was and is always passionate about the environment and the first people around the world.

He is also an excellent cook, hence the importance of eating healthy good food!